Hunter Blunt, Cody Knecht, Kyler Alm "The Hamster Escape"

Amanda Hunt, Loree Potter, Sage Wintle [ invalid file: Amanda Loree Sage 2nd.mp3 ]
"The Power of Friendship"

Abby Gallo and Aubrey Kidrick [ invalid file: Abby Aubrey 4th.mp3 ]

Ann Curtis, Analise Birchenough, Ashlyn Clark [ invalid file: Ann Analise Ashlyn 7th.mp3 ]

Ashley Walker and Kathryn Hutchings [ invalid file: Ashley Kathryn 7th.mp3 ]

Bryn Olsen and Tori Bailey [ invalid file: Bryn Tori 4th.mp3 ]

Dakota Marshal [ invalid file: Dakota 4th.mp3 ]

James Chambers and Damian Mitchell